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Ph.D., Geophysics, December 2007
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France) and Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

M.Phil., Geophysics, May 2006
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (USA)

M.S. equivalent, Geophysics, June 2002
Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

B.S. equivalent, Physics, June 2000
Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Professional Experience

Charles University in Prague, Department of Geophysics, 2014–tomorrow (at least)

University of Maryland, Department of Geology, Research Associate, 2011–2013

University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Physics, Research Associate, 2008–2011

Charles University in Prague, Department of Geophysics, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2008

Research Projects

Subsurface nucleonic production of noble gases and heat producing element abundances

Using geoneutrinos to constrain the heat budget and thermal evolution of the Earth

Thermal evolution of growing planetesimals and early core formation in terrestrial bodies

Internal dynamics and evolution of Mars: study of long-wavelength convection in Martian mantle and its link to formation of the hemispheric dichotomy and the Tharsis volcanic province

High-pressure mineralogy experiments: solubility of hydrogen at grain boundaries of olivine crystals

Two-phase model of metal–silicate segregation and planetary core formation

Two-phase model of partial melting below mid-ocean ridges: effect of coupling viscous deformation and phase change on the depth of melting

Thermodynamics and deformation of two-phase media: inclusion of phase change in theoretical model of two-phase flow and deformation

Incorporation of post-glacial rebound signal into modeling on dynamic geoid

Field/Lab Experience

PLUME Cruise IV – R/V Kilo Moana (Univ Hawai’i, May 2007): Recovery of ocean bottom seismometers around the Hawaiian Islands

Prof. Karato’s Mineral Physics Lab (Yale Univ, 2006–2007): High-pressure mineralogy experiments

Teaching Experience

Mentoring undergraduate and graduate students (2008, 2011–present; Charles University in Prague, University of Maryland)

Teaching Fellow (2005–2006, Yale University)

Middle-school Montessori physics instructor (2015–present; ZŠ Montessori Kladno, Czech Republic)

High-School Physics Teacher, curriculum development and teaching (2001, Gymnasium Františka Palackého, Neratovice, Czech Republic)

Service and Outreach

Education outreach program participant, University of Colorado Boulder (JILA PFC PISEC), 2011

Initiated and compiled a Wikipedia entry on Geoneutrinos

Co-convener of session Two-phase dynamics of mid-ocean ridges and other systems: theory and
observation at EGU General Assembly 2010

Co-organizer of the 8th European Workshop on Numerical Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics, Hrubá Skála, Czech Republic, 2003

Reviewer for geoscience journals: Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Geochemistry, Geophysics,
Geosystems; Geophysical Journal International; Icarus; Journal of Geophysical Research; Journal of

Member of American Geophysical Union, European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers

Honors and Awards

Charles University in Prague Graduate Fellowship, 2007

Yale University Graduate Fellowship, 2004–2006

Ph.D. Fellowship of the French Government (“Bourse de thèse en cotutelle”), 2002–2004

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, graduated with honors, 2002

Personal Information

Citizen of the Czech Republic

Fluent in Czech, English, and French; basic knowledge of Spanish; few words in isiZulu and Setswana :)

Other interests: music (double bass), mountain trail running, donuts