Upcoming events

Tuesday 29 March @ Divadlo Rokoko: Dr. Johann Faust

Friday 15 April @ Divadlo Rokoko: Dr. Johann Faust

Saturday 23 April @ HOAX Pub with Josef Gušlbauer

Wednesday 25 May @ Divadlo Rokoko: Dr. Johann Faust

I love participating in music making by real people on real instruments in real time. Feeling blessed to keep meeting so many wonderful musical beings to learn from, to make and share and offer music. Here is a taste of ensembles and individuals that I have played with or used to play with, over many years: NNZ (Nelízej Namrzlý Zábradlí), Břitníci aka EZ Blooz, Bigband Neratovice, Knapweed, Allette Brooks, Mozingo Paradiso, The Jamesons Co-Dependent Country Band aka The Jamesons Duo/Trio/…, David Williams with his many faces including Kristina Murray & David Williams & Wildgrass, Mayhem Gulch, TRIO z TERRASu, KIRA, JMQ – Jiří Mašík Quartet, Josef Gušlbauer, Zlatka Bartošková. ReverbNation page

Czech Jazz Workshop Prague 2020

Czech Jazz Workshop Prague 2021 Big Band