Uncle O.


Earth scientist, jazz & blues leaning musician, seasonal mountain trail runner, inconsistent yogi, beginning climber, hopeless case in contemporary dance. Spiritual agnostic with affinity for eastern philosophies and a built-in anti-guru alarm. Current uncle and future father, interested in meeting the future mother partner spiritual soulmate. Dream goat farmer. Astral life-commuter between Western US and Central Europe. In human interactions I value open heart, respect, full disclosure, humor, reason, knowledge. And donuts.

Geophysically speaking, I am interested in a range of subjects including physics and chemistry of the Earth and planets, theoretical and computational geodynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, multiphase flow and deformation, “particle geophysics” – neutrino geoscience, underground production of nuclides via nuclear reactions.

Aside from researching and teaching at the University, I have been assisting middle-school students in their learning of physics and sciences at the Montessori School in Kladno, Czech Republic.

Carte de la recherche