Looking for the next job!

Ready to embrace the next professional challenge.

I am an innovative scientific thinker transitioning beyond academia. For more than 15 years, I’ve been expanding the frontiers of human knowledge and passing the excitement on, while honing my skills in quantitative analysis, programming, numerical modeling, and deep logical thinking. That’s been meaningful – and fun! –  and now I yearn to contribute my dedication and effort toward a more applied outcome that benefits society in a more direct way. 

My academic training in physics and geoscience (Ph.D. in 2008) was followed by two postdoctoral positions (CU Boulder 2008–2011, Univ Maryland 2011–2014) and then an assistant professorship at Charles Univ (2014–2022).

I have used my extensive knowledge of scientific computing, numerical modeling, statistical data analysis, and data visualization to create cutting-edge numerical codes to model complex fluid dynamical two-phase flows in planetary interiors, the production of noble gas nuclides by nuclear reactions inside the Earth, and the emission of terrestrial neutrinos from within our planet. 

My coding skills are deepest in Python, Fortran, C/C++, and I am always exploring and adding to my toolbox. I’m currently studying data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. I am organized, systematic, and fast in gaining new skills, and I’m super comfortable with computers, software, and code development tools.

Here are a few of the qualities I look forward to bringing to my next team. I’m flexible: I have worked independently on my own, as a member of small in-house or international teams, and within a large international collaboration. I work well online/remotely, have done so throughout my second postdoc well before the covid-19 pandemic.

I’m experienced and practical: I have written a successful research grant proposal, led the research team, and completed the 3-year fundamental research project focused on geoneutrinos, while wriggling my way through catch-22 administrative and accounting issues from an ineffective university system. 

I communicate well: I have written original scientific publications, presented my work at conferences, mentored my junior colleagues, closely supervised student theses, taught students both in person and online, contributed to Wikipedia, and given scientific outreach presentations to the public.

I know how to connect with people: Since 2015 I have taught physics and sciences at a Montessori middle-school school in Kladno, where I learn to communicate difficult concepts at the appropriate level and to often improvise in unexpected, even chaotic situations.

And I can get things done: Since 2016 I have served as the president of the HOA board in our 50-unit apartment building, where I oversee remodeling projects, make decisions about dealing with emergencies as well as regular affairs, and practice the art of communication — and sometimes conflict resolution with the less easy people.

I communicate fluently in French, English, and Czech. Aside from Czech Republic, I have lived and worked in USA (9 years) and France (2 years).

I embrace the philosophy of Non-Violent Communication in interactions with others.

I play the double bass to feed my artistic creativity and I run mountain trails to keep in shape.