OndrejSramekWelcome to my research website!

Geophysically speaking, I am interested in a range of subjects including physics and chemistry of the Earth and planets, theoretical and computational geodynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, multiphase flow and deformation, “particle geophysics” (ask me what it is!)

Specific research topics I have been involved in include:

  • planetary-scale metal–silicate segregation and core formation
  • planetary accretion in early Solar System
  • thermodynamics of partial melting and fluid dynamics of melt extraction
  • internal dynamics and near-surface evolution of Mars
  • prediction of geoneutrino flux from the shallow and the deep Earth
  • calculation of subsurface noble gas production in the Earth

Aside from researching and teaching at the University, I have been assisting middle-school students in their learning of physics and sciences at the Montessori School in Kladno, Czech Republic.

I also play upright bass (although she chose to remain in Colorado for the time being), run on mountain trails (even if I’ve had trouble finding the Rocky Mountains in Central Europe), and delight in eating donuts (the Czech donut subculture is quite different from its US counterpart).

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